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The Casper Aviation Platoon, these men fly day and night to assist our boys in the jungles of 'Nam. From CAS runs to MEDEVACS these "Flyboys" are the life line to the Company truly "Gods little helpers"
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    A step-by-step guide on joining Charlie Company, 173rd AB:


    1. Make sure you meet the requirements:

    • Be at minnimun 14 years old, exeptions can be made on a case by case bassis by your recruiter.
    • Have a valid copy of ArmA 3, without a valid version you will not be able to join.
    • Have purchased the ArmA 3 APEX DLC and have a "working" microphone, no wind-tunnels will be excepted.
    • TeamSpeak 3 voice chat service, this is our main communication platform and you need to hear us and we need to hear you.

    2. Understand our MilSim attitude:

    • In our operations we maintain a rank structure and a chain of command,.
    • Our mindset here is teamwork, there are no lone wolves, all work both in and out of combat is done for the good of the group 
    • With that teamwork and Military mentality, you must follow orders that are given to you and not go on your own.
    • We also incorporate a attitude of Roleplay, in the sense that interactions with civilians and combatants are played out, now how much a member delves into that is his own choice we just ask to be mindful of this.

    3. Proceed to and click on the Application section on the forum:

    • There proceed to fill out the application form, it will be set to our recruiters which will overview it and send you further information on the forum and via the Email you provided
    • After you send your application log into our TeamSpeak server at 173rd AB TeamSpeak and wait for a NCO to contact you and do the face-to-face interview
    • With the interview done, your application proceed you will be directed by your recruiter and proceed to be slotted into our Training program.


    Hope to see you in the field soldier!