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The Casper Aviation Platoon, these men fly day and night to assist our boys in the jungles of 'Nam. From CAS runs to MEDEVACS these "Flyboys" are the life line to the Company truly "Gods little helpers"
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  1. Today
  2. 3rd Squad with Sergeant Powell

    If you hear an AK firing, 3rd squad hasn't been through yet.
  3. Some fun "facts"

    Here's a brief look at the French military history The Gallic wars... LOSS in a war the foreshadows the next 2000 years of French history, France is conquered by all things, an Italian The 100 yrs War A Narrow win at the buzzer. France is saved at the last possible minute by Joan of Arc. A female schizophrenic who established Frances first rule of war, France only wins when not lead by a Frenchman The Italian Wars... LOSS France become the first and only country to loose two wars while fighting Italians War of Religion... LOSS France goes 0-5-4 against the Huganauts The 30 yrs War France is technically not a participant in this war, but manages to get invaded anyway. They claim this one was a tie, based on the fact the other participants started to ignore them The war of the Spanish succession... LOSS But this did give the French the first taste of a Marlboro which they have loved ever sense The American Revolution... France claims a win even though American colonists saw 90% of the action. The French Revolution... believe it or not a WIN!! This is based on the fact that the opponent was also French The Franco-Prussian war... LOSS Germany plays the role of drunken frat boy to Frances ugly girl home alone on Saturday night WW1... A tie at best Pissing in there little pants on the way to loosing, France is saved by the United States. Thousands of French women not only find out whats it like to sleep with a winner but one that doesn't call her Fräulein WW2... Loss big time. The War in Indochina... Loss France hands Vietnam off to America like a drunk dumping a fat girl on his buddy in order to get her better looking friend, btw the better looking friend never showed up The Algerian Rebellion... Loss This marks the first major defeat of a western army by Muslims since the crusades. Its produces the first rule of Muslim warfare... we can always beat the French. This rules mirrors the first rule of the Italian, Russians, Germans, Dutch, English, Vietnamese, Spanish and Pygmies Gulf War Part 1... as teenagers say, "yeah right" The War on Terror Before the first shot is even fired, France surrenders to Germany and the Muslims just to be safe There you have it, a salute to the French Military
  4. Some fun "facts"

    Q: When Doc Jay and 8 ball are hit, and the squad leader tells you to pull out A:
  5. Yesterday
  6. Some fun "facts"

    Q: How do you know if there is a chopper pilot at your party? A: He'll tell you. Q: What's the difference between God and chopper pilots? A: God doesn't think he's a chopper pilot. Q: What's the difference between a chopper pilot and a Huey's GE T58-3 turbine engine? A: The engine stops whining when the chopper shuts down.
  7. 1 Squad with SGT Nilsson

    "We are 1st Squad, we eat gooks on bread, every day all day."
  8. 1 Squad with SGT Nilsson

    I do have a suggestion but I keep that to myself for now
  9. 1 Squad with SGT Nilsson

    Now, since we are so good we do not need to measure dicks with the other squads. Therefore we just need som names to wreck the other squads right down their boots. Just post it here. - SGT M. Nilsson Roster SGT M. Nilsson CPL W. Berg SPC/4 S. King PFC P. Johnson PFC M. King PV2 J. Nelson PV2 W. Weasle PV2 Darius
  10. Dinky Dau Radio [Music Thread]

    "During their time in Okinawa, they prided themselves as the "toughest fighting men in Okinawa, if not the entire U.S. Armed Forces". They took their theme song from the television series Rawhide. As the Pacific quick-reaction force, they were the first brigade to be sent to Vietnam two years later when hostilities escalated there." from wikipedia HIYAH! HIYEAAH!
  11. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    Sons Of Satan (Blatant ripoff of the MC club) Thunder Road Warriors (Thunder road is highway 13 north of Saigon, named after thunder runs which means you go blazing down the road full speed and shooting left and right to discourage ambushes, kinda like me when i drive to the store for a beer run haha) Ricefield Rodents (Logo could be a cartoon rat with a cigarette and an m1 nam era helmet)
  12. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    Devils Soldiers The Fallen's Revenge The Punishers
  13. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    "Making Rice Krispies since '65" is the best thing I have heard in months.
  14. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    The Weeping Angels The Sinister Mafia The Thundering Bastards The Devil's Trailblazers
  15. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    The Middlemen, "Reuniting Victor Charlie with his ancestors" (also a play on words being squad 2 of 3) Cocaine Cowboys / Speed-freaks, "Got to go fast!" (kinda a bit too druggie but whatever) Kho Khan Kids (kho khan means tough, sounds catchy) Ban Thiu Boys (ban thiu means filthy, also sounds hella catchy) Zipperhead Zappers (ZZ for short)
  16. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    You want to go boy? we'll see upcoming operation
  17. Last week
  18. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    sorry I bumped off the wrong heading
  19. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    3rd Squad..bring me some heads 3rd Squad..let the bodies hit the floor 3rd squad, let them fear the terrible swift sword 3rd squad..we let the dogs out whoop whoop 3rd squad..lets go fuck up them dudes up in there 3rd squad..them little people just called your momma a ho chi minh..what are you going to do about it (my personal favorite)
  20. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RTO SCHOOL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! My name is M. Sander, and I'm going to be your new instructor at the newly reformed RTO School. The RTO school requires you to have a very strong mindset and being able to keep calm under intense pressure. And if you believe that you are able to accomplish so much more with a radio in your hand, you are welcome to join the RTO School. Requirements: - Minimum rank of; Private Second Class - Capable of keeping focused in stressed out situations - Completion of Basic Combat Training Being an RTO is simply no easy task. You are the Sections only means of communication. What that means is that, if you do not keep up communication and tell whereabouts or current progress, 500 pounds bombs could be dropped on your ass. You have your Sections lives in your hands. You should not take that lightly. You are also the person to call in Artillery, Evaq, Medevac or CAS and so on. To keep your Section/Platoon in the fight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 21/10/17 Hours: 19:30pm GMT(+0) Training will commence halfway under the Basic Training To join this Saturdays RTO School, confirm down in the comment sections with this Formula. ---------------------- Name: X Rank: X Attending: [TRAINING, FAMILARIZATION] ---------------------- (I'll be noting down every attendant.) Kind Regards, M. Sander
  21. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    Stolen Valour.
  22. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    I know it's not my place to say, but I second "2 to the heart, 1 to the mind!"
  23. 3rd Squad with Sergeant Powell

    "Rabeyyy , The Machine GUNN !" "We stand our ground" "The only easy day was yesterday" "Carry me Doc !" "Uncle Sam Aint Released Me Yet" "In Powell we trust "
  24. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    Names: Killer / Dak To Mafia / Voodoo Mottos: Making Rice Krispies since '65 / When in doubt, frag out! / 2 in the heart 1 in the mind / Iron Triangle Hunting Club / Bag 'em and tag 'em I dunno gonna spam some other ideas when i'm more in the "zone", but i like it short and simple and "60's:ish" like something that would be period authentic and not too over the top. Also depends a lot if we are going to use the name over the radio or not
  25. Alright listen up 2nd Squad, those dick rinkles from 3rd Squad think they're better than we are, we got to show them they're wrong! We, 2nd squad, are and will be the toughest and meanest sons of bitches under my command of the 173rd Airborne. Now get me ideas for the squads nickname, ideas for our logo(decal) and a motto. State your ideas below. Signed: Lewis Nixon Sergeant 2nd Squad Roster: SGT L. Nixon CPL W. Chip PFC H. Linross PV2 J. Vance PV2 M. Paul PV2 I. Lyttbacka
  26. 3rd Squad with Sergeant Powell

    We are 3rd squad, search and destroy specialists
  27. 3rd Squad with Sergeant Powell

    We are 3rd Squad, we find em, fix em and finish em
  28. bartieman Application

    Application accepted.
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