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The Casper Aviation Platoon, these men fly day and night to assist our boys in the jungles of 'Nam. From CAS runs to MEDEVACS these "Flyboys" are the life line to the Company truly "Gods little helpers"
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Insignia Name Description
1 UN Medal Description of it
1 LCpl

After serving time in the unit as an OR 2, you may find yourself attending a PNCO Course. This course will prepare you for a promotion to OR 3

As an OR 3, you are the 2IC of an infantry section. You'll be in charge of a 4 man fireteam, helping the Section Commander with managing the section.

1 Cpl

After serving time as an OR 3 as a Section 2IC, you can be put up for the Section Commander's Battle Course. This course will prepare you for a promotion to Corporal

As a Corporal, you are the IC of an Infantry Section. Your main task is to lead your section in contact, but you will also find yourself managing your section's drills and skills, helping the Platoon HQ with their duties, and keeping order in the ranks.

1 Sgt

After serving time as an OR 4, you may be eligible for the Platoon Sergeant's Battle Course. This course will prepare you for your promotion to OR 5.

As an OR 5, you will be the 2IC of a Platoon, working with the Platoon Commander. You will help run the platoon, and will organise platoon trainings, logistics, and morale.

1 CSgt/SSgt

After Serving at least 6 months as an OR 5, you may be eligible for promotion to OR 6.

As an OR 6, you will use your experience to help run trainings, keep discipline within the unit, and uphold the unit to the highest standards. At Platoon level, you may become a Platoon Commander. At Company Level, you might be appointed Quartermaster.