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PFC Chennaoui

Infantry Combat Element
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  1. Roll Call 21 Oct 2017

    Name & Rank: PFC Cherokee Squad assigned to: 3rd Squad Will be in attendance: yes or no? No
  2. Stars & Stripes News Team

    HAHAHA! Ok next time I'll stay behind you and photograph your ass that I way i won't bother your pointed gun lol They call me a combat photographer , I risk my life too ...
  3. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    I like balck's one very good idea that'll be like our War Cry motto; Squad Leader : We FIND'EM !!!!!!!! Squad: WE KILLE'M !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Stars & Stripes News Team

    Hello, I am ready to be again (as iN the 25th) the combat photographer and videographer of this unit. I already have all the necessary softwares for this project. I have experience in making Vietnam era photographies. To get an idea here is a link to my previous work ( https://25thinfantrydivisionphotos.jimdo.com/ ). I have allready made an opening sequence of our future series that I entitled RAW NAM' ( name can be changed of course ). So here is some tests that I did and here's the result : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3nHHeyOpETkMERmWVltMzlnRWc/view . So As you we would like to develop that into a serie where we follow the 173rd through combat , Patrols, Scouting , and also through R&R. I would also recommend for the sake of realism and the art of photography to omit the names and octagons visible on the server. Thank you and log live the SKY SOLDIERS!
  5. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    "Rabeyyy , The Machine GUNN !" "We stand our ground" "The only easy day was yesterday" "Carry me Doc !" "Uncle Sam Aint Released Me Yet" "In Powell we trust "
  6. PFC Chennaoui Application

    Name Amr Chennaoui Age 18 Steam Profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069116401/ Nationality Morocco Desired MOS Mortarman How did you find us 25th ID member Did a member recruit you? SFC King Why do you wan't to join the 17th IUNR? To fight with my old 25th buddies again