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  1. Unit LOA's Posted here

    Date of LOA: 11/18/17 Reason for LOA: Going hunting Expected return date from LOA: 11/20/17
  2. A. Shinks Application

    accepted , get on TS to get fully processed
  3. SPC T. Lee Application

    accepted, welcome back Lee!
  4. Lyter Application

  5. H. Webb Application

  6. Zeus Guide

    If anyone is interested in training to be able to zeus during main ops. Text me on steam or TS and i will do a general training, once we get around 5 people who wants to!
  7. Zeus Guide

    Zeus/Curator Guide! For main operation ALL the following Zeus Regulations will be mandatory, however for Zeusing mini OP’s, these are going to be courtesies. If you are not zeus certified, you will not be able to zeus main operations. Keep in mind, a Zeus is not the player's enemy, but trying to create a scenario in which the players will try to execute while having a serious but fun experience. This is not your personal playground, you are dealing with people so be realistic. -2LT T. Blackhawk Google Doc link for this guide - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AGtlCmH8MyC7TCDSBsuq3UW7ABAF1gV9Ed2Ss0wDOBU/edit#heading=h.pgj3rvet5mlc Regulations/Courtesies MCC Don't ever log into MCC unless you absolutely know what you are doing, and get certification by 2LT T. Blackhawk for MCC. MCC can break server scripts and even crash the server with just a simple bad spawning of a zone so don't ever log into it. This is a completely different certification than zeus. Just because you are zeus trained, does not mean you can MCC a mission so don't try it. Spawning Pre-spawn the bulk forces before the operation starts Spawn AI - Set AI skill - Set AI to Safe - Set AI to Walk - Set AI to Defend only ( this will auto change when shots get fired or loud sounds) Never spawn anything deadly within 350m of any player Be sure to check AI skill to make sure they are not OP Never spawn module fire support upon any players Never spawn mines within 500m of any player. Editing Object/Players Double click for (usually the MCC edit object ) Shift Double click for the Zeus edit ( recommended unless you have script ) OP spawns Generally all static weapons are OP Ammo cooking off from ammo boxes Mines are fun but be wary that an entire op can end from one mine ( Use mines in confined spaces thats are not going to kill the entire platoon with just one ) Roleplay Always remember that their lives are completely at your mercy, so roleplay and never force action such as script capturing someone, or not letting stealth play a factor in an OP. Obviously don’t ever target anybody out of hatred or just purely for pleasure of killing them since they upset you or something. This unit is family, leave that crap at the door or get out this unit. Bugs/Unknown Adding inventory objects to ammo crates, vehicles and stuff. Spawning groups don't work , so spawn individuals of the group you want and group them up and copy and paste them where you want them. Sometimes the mission turns ai skill to 100% for some reason so be sure to check it Other 1. Zeuses have more health than average player so when you control one you are more OP than the average player so don't intentionally PVP. Always shoot for non lethal if you have to fire. Also no grenade throwing as zeus to intentionally harm them, let AI do that. Mission template 1. Is it balanced? 2. Is it well paced? 3. Is it creative? 4. Are people enjoying it? 5. Are they doing well? 6. Are they going to slow ? 7. Are they going to fast? 8. How will you spread the word americans are coming? 9. Is what I spawned potentially going to go crazy and kill everyone? 10. Do I have a decent storyline? 11. What assets am I allowing them to have? 12. Am I really the right person to trust, for having all these poor souls at my mercy??? 13. Is my cookbox spawned? 14. Am I being to annoying? 15. What can I do to make this more interesting? 16. Is my patrols set? 17. Is my mission dynamic or scripted? 18. Can they do this mission with hardly any combat if they do it right? Modules I will briefly tell you what every single zeus module does and its faults. Learning how to execute them will be taught in zeus training. Remember just because you are trained in zeus does not mean you can use MCC. ACE AI 1. Defend area - this will set the AI to patrol and garrisons buildings as well ( only temp) 2. Global AI skill - This will allow you to change the AI skill obviously. (By default it will be 50%, If its at 100% change it back, that's a bug that happens often) 3. Patrol Area - Self explanatory 4. Search Area - Self explanatory 5. Search Nearby Building - Ai will search the nearest building (looks cute) 6. Suppressive fire - Not recommended unless you don't expect the ai to survive long ACE CAPTIVE 1. Toggle Captive - Restrains Ai ( Never use on players unless rp purposes where you did not have ziptie ) 2. Toggle Surrender - Forces the AI to raise arms ( Never use on players ) ACE MEDICAL 1. Assign Medic - Self explanatory ( Works on INF ) 2. Assign Medical facility - Self explanatory ( Works on Buildings/Objects ) 3. Assign Medical Vehicle - Self explanatory 4. Heal - Full ACE heal 5. Injury - Allows you to fully edit person's bodily functions from heartbeat to wounds. 6. Toggle Unconscious - Knocks someone out ( Never use on players ) ACE REPAIR 1. Add Spare Track - Self explanatory ( ACE CARGO ) 2. Add Spare Wheel - Self explanatory ( ACE CARGO ) ACE UTILITY 1. Add Full Arsenal To Object - Self explanatory 2. Add/Remove FRIES - Add or Remove fast rope insertion/extraction system ( Does not work with unsung ) 3. Group Side - Changes the entire group of the selected personal’s, faction ( Blufor, Opfor , INDI, or Civ ) 4. Remove Arsenal From Object - Self explanatory 5. Teleport Players - Teleports players individually or groups included 6. Toggle Simulation - NEVER EVER TOUCH 7. Update Editable Objects - Don't use this add feature ( use the one under modules/Zeus, Add/remove editable objects ) AI BEHAVIOR 1. Ambient Animation - Lets you add a cool animation to someone , such as lean on wall or something ( Don't use on players ) 2. Change Abilities - Advanced AI setting ( Don't use unless you make a boss AI that's suppose to be like a juggernaut or something ) 3. Change Altitude - Don't generally work but self explanatory. ( Its alt above sea level ) 4. Chatter - Click on an AI with it , and use it to talk through him in text chat. 5. Garrison Building ( Instant ) - Forces the AI to be Teleported into defensive positions ( Around buildings or in them ) 6. Have A Seat - Click on Chair with module , then click the AI you want to sit and press enter ( Do not use on Players 7. Patrol/Loiter - Use on helicopters or airplanes (AI ONLY) 8. Search & Garrison Buildings - AI’s version of playing Swat 4 ( The clear a building and garrison) 9. Search Building - AI will search nearby building 10. Set Suicide Bomber - Sets AI to suicide bomber ( manual Edit to your liking ) 11. Un-Garrison - Ai will slowly move out of building/defensive pos. Animals 1. Butterflies - Spawns butterflies 2. Goats - Spawns goats 3. Poultry - Spawns poultry 4. Seagulls - Spawns Seagulls 5. Sheep - Spawns sheep Arsenal 1. Add Full Arsenal - Self explanatory 2. The rest you should not use since you are not going to need them anyways Audio 1. Play Music - Plays music ( NEVER USE! IT'S ANNOYING ) 2. Play Radio Message - Cool if you don't like talking 3. Play Sound - Ambient sounds like alarms and stuff that plays in the surrounding area Buildings 1. Damage Buildings - Self explanatory ( laggy in mass ) 2. Lock Doors - Self explanatory 3. Toggle Lamps - You can use this to turn off lights at night Development Tools 1. NEVER TOUCH ANYTHING IN HERE!!! Environment 1. Advance Weather Change - Primary weather changer ( Always do transition smooth ) 2. Earthquake - Self explanatory ( laggy ) 3. Post-Process - Changes the visual theme of the map 4. Set date - Don’t use since we can't go below 1982 5. Skip time - Skips time to whatever you want 6. Time Acceleration - Makes the time go faster or slower 7. Weather - Secondary weather change. ( The simple version ) Equipment 1. Don't use these since it's for vanilla Fire Support 1. 155 mm Howitzer - Spawns large arty shell to fall upon the place you click 2. 230 mm Rocket - Spawn large rocket that is really a cluster bomb 3. 82 mm Mortar - Spawns a small mortar shell to add scenery 4. Advance CAS - Put on a AI aircraft to attack the CAS target ( have to place a “create cas target module” before use ) 5. Artillery Fire Mission - Put on AI arty piece to fire upon arty target ( Have to place a “create artillery target module” before using this ) 6. CAS- Bomb Strike - Lets you pick a plane to bomb with (pick one with bomb load and it almost always drops 50m short ) 7. CAS- Gun and Missiles - Self explanatory 8. CAS- Gun Run - Self explanatory 9. CAS - Missiles Strike - Self explanatory 10. Create Artillery Target - Creates a target for the “Artillery fire mission” module ( extremely Accurate ) 11. Create CAS Target - Creates a target for the “Advance CAS” module ( little wonky ) 12. Create Suppression Target - Creates target for “Suppressive fire” module 13. Suppressive Fire - Place on AI to have them fire towards the suppressive fire target MCC 1. DO NOT TOUCH Objectives 1. DON'T TOUCH ( Wonky ) Objects 1. Attach to - Glues an object to it but stays where it is until primary object is moved. 2. Change Height - Changes ALT from ground level 3. Create IED - Self explanatory ( edit at your discretion ) 4. Enable/Disable Simulation - Dont touch 5. Equip with IED Jammer - Use on vehicles to jam IED’s 6. Make Invincible - use on objects or vehicles to make it invincible 7. Transfer Ownership - Don’t Touch Player 1. Change Side Of Player - Changes side of player or group ( AI included ) 2. Create Teleporter - Creates flag that you can use to teleport to another flag teleporter flag 3. Punishment - Makes a person do pushups or squats ( no need for using this ) 4. Teleport - Primary module for teleporting people and groups Reinforcements 1. Don't use since it's not unsung compatible Respawns 1. Loadouts - Don't use 2. Players (BLUFOR) - Respawn point for players on BLUFOR faction 3. Players (Civilian) - Respawn point for players on civilian faction 4. Players (Independent) - Respawn point for players on independent faction 5. Players (OPFOR) - Respawn point for players on OPFOR faction 6. Vehicles (BLUFOR) - Respawn point for vehicles of BLUFOR faction ( Have to make that vehicle respawn script ) 7. Vehicles (Civilian) - Respawn point for vehicles of civilian faction. 8. Vehicles (Independent) - Respawn point for independent faction 9. Vehicles (OPFOR) - Respawn point for OPFOR faction Scenario Flow 1. Briefing - Creates information in the briefing of the map 2. Countdown - Don't use (We love our debriefs) 3. Create/Edit Intel - Create intel to spawn for storyline and stuff 4. End Scenario - Don’t use 5. Respawn Tickets - Don't use 6. Scenario Name - To brag and give credit to yourself Spawn 1. Advanced Composition - Don't Touch 2. Mines/Explosives - Creates minefield 3. Spawn Effect - Cool nifty things to add logistical stuff like a light source or tracers flying in the air. 4. Submarine - Spawns a non usable sub ( don’t use ) 5. Trawler - Spawns a Small fishing ship ( don’t use ) 6. USS Freedom - Spawns a carrier ( don’t use ) TFAR 1. Static Radio - Spawns a static radio you can plop down and people can hear it ( edit its channels and volume ) Zeus 1. Add/Remove editable Objects - Primary module for adding editable objects to zeus ( For your own sake and not lagging out don't add all objects ) 2. Arsenal - Adds arsenal to object selected ( cannot remove ) 3. Hide Zeus - Self explanatory 4. Hint - type in a message for everyone to see at top right in black box. 5. Promote to Zeus - Gives someone zeus power to help 6. Remote Control - Remote control AI 7. Switch Side Channel Of Zeus - Allows you to change side channel to spy on peoples chats 8. Switch unit - Makes an AI your primary character ( Not recommended ) 9. Zeus Lighting Bolt - Scares the Jezeus out of people
  8. Operation WHIPLASH II

    Operation Redemption In operation Whiplash, hearts and minds was the main goal. However the NVA forces purged the local supportive population on our side of the river. Today it's time to get Redemption, to see who our allies are. The task today is to attack the town of Koun Auloek, Where intel from sources have spotted a VC officer responsible for the atrocities of last week. The regional population is in shock with the action of the NVA. Some praise their actions, but some condemn it so expect any contact with the local civilian's to be mixed. The platoon will be deployed at FOB emery as always, from there command will execute Operation Redemption at their discretion. Weather/Terrain The weather should be overcast today, with a high chance of moderate fog. Visibility should be anywhere between 50 - 200m of sight range. Temperature is going to be warm. Expect the terrain to be steep and muddy. Assets As of today 173rd has x2 Transport hueys (includeing medical x1 CAS Huey Command can call in more assets as needed!
  9. Main OP INTEL

    Be sure to look deeper than what it says. If someone has a theory of what is being talked about then post it. I will react to the closest theory saterday during BCT. This will be a major factor in the campagin. If you dont know what this is talking about by the next op then its really going to suck. Figure out what they mean by capture the monarch. ill give you a hint, they are not talking about the butterfly . Also figure out who the 246th is and since they said its just a platoon, what kind of platoon do you think they are sending. So you can be prepared for whats coming next op. 246th is a regement but it is yall job to figure out what type of platoon they are sending : Armor, Air, Mech , mot, SF , or just plain INF. They are NVA forces so they are not going to be your basic uneducated milita. Yall will start back at the main base and if yall start the op blind to whats comeing then this is not going to be a fun op but more of field day for the NVA. Lots of cookbox . In short figure out what the NVA are after ( monarch is a metaphor ) and figure out, more specificly what they are about to use to try and accomplish this objective.
  10. Main OP INTEL

    OPFOR INTEL 10/14/2017 Operation Monarch Kv'u dggp c nqpi vkog ukpeg vjg Oqpctej ncpfgf qp qwt uqkn. Vjg ncuv oqpctej vjcv ncpfgf fgxcuvcvgf qwt ncpf. Yg jcxg iqv tgrqtvu vjcv vjg oqpctej jcu ownvkrnkgf ukpeg vjgp, cpf kv ku aqwt fwva vq gpf kvu tgkip. Vjg xkng dgcuvu owuv dg ecrvwtgf cv cnn equv. Vjg PXC jcu qhhgtgf jgnr, vjga yknn ugpf c rncvqqp htqo vjg 246vj vq vjg ctgc cpf ugewtg qwt qdlgevkxg. Hckn og cpf aqwt xknncig yknn dwtp, cejkgxg cpf aqw yknn dg tgyctfgf. Pgzv yggm vjg rncvqqp yknn dg fgrnqagf, uq rtgrctg aqwt ogp hqt Qrgtcvkqp Oqpctej! -Commandant Hoàng Minh Thảo Someone needs to Decipher this 10/21/17

    MAIN OP AND MINI OP's, WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE ENEMY (EE) I am going to explain this once in this fourm about what is going to be needed to get the full experience of our operations. Good Leadership Good Pilots Everyone doing their job well, from RTO's to medic Constant 360 security Noise discipline COC Advil or lots of moltron That is the Obvious things needed. The more complex things that are going are going to be extra things that are more of, I want you to know as a zeus, to enhance everyone's gameplay. If you want to be aware and hinted about what might happen during the OP before it even happens then at least one person needs to be good at each on of these. Cryptography Google translate Speaking Viet Attending Miniops Bounty's (Queen) MCC EOD (Manual Disarm) Pathfinding Identifing enemy type. EX: NVA or VC forces Identifing enemy weaponry, including vehicles Whats considered anti air and whats not... Analysing poetry looking for intel using your brain to think what the enemy might be doing If i go to fast will i lose cohesion? if i got to slow will i lose momentium? We are extreamly fair zeuses in regards that you lead the story. We never ever force an action upon you in main ops, such as forceing you to be caputred or making you unable to change your options. If you are trying to sneak around the jungle we are not going to force you out of hiding to get into combat. We have had serveral ops where half the op was just noise discipline while strolling through the jungle with only combat at the main objective because they was able to avoid enemy patrols and was not screaming about their bathroom troubles, with the VC hearing and reacting. For Leadership, you absolutly need to think stratigicly and plan ahead. For example our last main op in the 17th, a squadron had successfully out manuvored an enemy's defensive line in a tree line by simply going around it instead of head on. With a small squadron staying behind to draw fire from the support elements that the enemy had. and another squad distracting the main defensive line. This simple plan even if unintentinal could have secured the objective in less than 5 min but unfortunitly there was a break in COC and what should have taken 5 min turned into an hour long of slow manuvering which enemy forces took advantage of and encircle 17th forces but thankfully the town was finally taken and 17th forces evac at the harbor of the town. We have alot of zeus courtesy's that we follow, such as we are never going to spawn enemys within 250 m of you. We hardly ever even do that, main ops we typically prespawn our troops and have them deployed and patroling long before we even know what yalls plans are. As yall know i never have my TFAR on while im zeusing so please be aware ( Big brother is watching you ) so please have courtesy of not blaring music since im trying to listen on how things can be improved in my own personal notes and to improve future unit decisions. I do not use any information obtained like we should land _____ then place 100 VC around that LZ... Thats not cool and i like seeing how you all do things and i generally only guide the VC to react better to loud noises, gunshots, following bloodtrails and finding Queen. The rest is the AI, if yall are sneaking and happen to run into an ai patrol, its completly up to luck and arma karma. Yall will also be held to hearts in minds, the diplomatic kind not the 2 to the heart and 1 to the mind (chip ). So if yall decide it would be a great idea to raid a village and burn it down while anybody is watching then its extremly likely that that person is going to report it by hand ( we actually make them run to the nearest village or enemy POS ) to report it, or if yall are unlucky and the witness has a radio then expect an enemy QRF in a short time. If we see any honorable actions such as when Chip had taken on over 30 enemys all by himself and i happen to watch that. I will personally write a war story about it to the best of my memory and post it. If anyone has any questions about what we do, and i forgot to post it here then contact me ( 2LT T. Blackhawk) and ill update this post. If at anytime i said I, i mean myself ( 2LT T. Blackhawk) and CW4 M. Jarbekk Anyways goodluck to you all, i hope to have each and every one of your poor souls in my cookbox! Feel free to correct my spelling and stuff ( got that southern english ) PLEASE CHECK THIS POST ONCE A WEEK TO SEE IF IT WAS UPDATED WITH SOMETHING IMPORTANT!
  12. Stalker481 Application

    Your application seems to be in order. Please join us on teamspeak at 17thiunr.4np.de and speak to a n NCO to complete you enlistment. Look forward to seeing you there.
  13. Lawrence Application

    Hello Lawrence, your application seems to be in order. Please visit us at 17thiunr.4np.de team speak server and speak with an NCO to finish your application. Look forward to seeing you!
  14. Tarek Application

    Mr Tarek, Your application is in order. Report on TeamSpeak at 17thiunr.4np.de as soon as possible to finish your enlistment process. Command Staff.