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SGT J. Powell

Infantry Combat Element
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  1. 2nd Squad with Sergeant Nixon

    Stolen Valour.
  2. 3rd Squad with Sergeant Powell

    And Garmr my lad, yours are a bit extreme, lol Although I think "If there's no bodies, there's no war" could work. Or alternatively; "If there's no [enemy] bodies, there's no 3rd Squad [nearby]."
  3. 3rd Squad with Sergeant Powell

    I like these ones, I'm just thinking something plural would be more appropriate? "God has mercy, we don't." / "God forgives, not 3rd Squad." "We find the way or make one."
  4. Main OP INTEL

    My reading of this is that the local militia we met are being pressured by the VC to become hostile to us and our interests. "Fail me and your village will burn" makes me think that the Militia are on the fence, and if we can convince them to help us the VC will attack them (probably their village that we entered during OP Whiplash I). So basically I think the loyalty of the militia is up for grabs, and we'd best get them on our side.
  5. Current Roster: Sgt Powell Cpl Garmr PFC Black PFC Cherokee PFC Rabey PV2 Bart PV2 Doc PVT Pestun Any of the above names are welcome to post in this thread, everyone else can read it and wish they were in 3rd, leading the way First order of discussion; Squad catchphrase? Let's hear those ideas.
  6. Operation WHIPLASH I

    3 Squad Attendance Attended - 6 SGT Powell CPL Garm PFC Cherokee PFC Rabey PV2 Black PV2 Doc No Attendance - LOA - 0 No Attendance - No LOA - 0 Overflow Attendance - 1 PVT Pestun Of Strength: 6

    Lookin' good! But that accent
  8. PFC Chennaoui Application

    Pre-accepted, of course.
  9. Secure.

  10. M.Rogers Application

    Application accepted, introduction completed. Welcome to the unit!
  11. Joe Mitchell Application

    Application accepted, introduction complete on the Teamspeak. Welcome to the unit Mitchel, we look forward to playing with you
  12. So long, Malden!

  13. HeldaneDevin Application

    You're application is in order, welcome to the unit on behalf of all of us! 17thiunr.4np.de Is our Teamspeak, and we'll be happy to complete your application.
  14. When Stonewall & Hammer have a mutual enemy:

    19/08/17 - Part of OP HOMECOMING