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SSG J. Powell

Infantry Combat Element
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  1. Operation BROKEN LANCE III

    3rd Squad Attendance: 8 Attended: 6 SSG Powell CPL Black SPC/4 Rabey PV2 M. Nelson PV2 J. Notowitz No Attendance (LOA): 2 PFC Lyter (Zeus/ARVn) PV2 Pestun No Attendance (No LOA): 2 PV2 B. Miller PV2 J. Miller Overflow Attendance: 2 PFC Cherokee PVT Jacks
  2. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

  3. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    *Updated* 09/12/2017
  4. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    *Update* 03/12/17 Alright guys, probably our weakest showing this past weekend, but we're not looking back on that, attendance is very important this upcoming weekend and so I really need you guys to make an effort to be there. In other news; some fresh meat is assigned to 3rd. PV2 DeFilippis now has his home in the Company with us, and we have the Miller Twins; 'B & J' (both PV2s) with us now as well. We're also expecting a few more guys in the upcoming weeks. Therefore I need you more experienced guys to be friendly and help absorb these guys into the best squad in 1st Platoon!
  5. Armand Winchester Application

    Application approved, interview complete. Welcome to the Unit!
  6. Operation BROKEN LANCE II

    3rd Squad Attendance Attended: 8 SGT Powell CPL Black PV2 Pestun PV2 M. Nelson PVT Affie PVT DiFillipis No Attendance - LOA: 2 SPC/4 Rabey PFC Lyter No Attendance - No LOA: 0 Overflow Attendance: 5 PV2 I. Stark PVT Larsson
  7. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    *Update* Well done everyone (except me) this weekend! Ranks have been updated, and we should be expecting some fresh meat soon as we're getting a little thin.
  8. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    *Another Update* We say goodbye to our beloved Corporal Garmr, who has gone to found his own Squad and PV2 Musall is going with him. Always in our memories, lest we forget. Black is stepping into Garmr's shoes, let's keep everything going strong! (And post more in this thread!)
  9. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    *Update* I'm back chaps, and Musall has joined us.
  10. Operation WHIPLASH IV

    3rd Squad Attendence Attended - 7 Sgt Powell Cpl Garmr SPC/4 Black PFC Rabey PV2 Doc PV2 Lyter PV2 Pestun No Attendance - LOA PV2 Anderson No Attendance - No LOA PFC Cherokee PV2 Keller Of Strength: 10
  11. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    *Update* 04/11/17 Thanks for the fantastic attendance as always
  12. Operation WHIPLASH III

    3rd Squad Attendance: Attended - 7 Sgt Powell Cpl Garmr PFC Black PFC Rabey PV2 Black PV2 Lyter Pv2 Pestun No Attendance - LOA - 0 No Attendance - No LOA - 1 PV2 Keller Overflow Attendance - 0 Of Strength: 8
  13. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    *Update* 29/10/17 Unfortunately we must say goodbye to Cherokee who has gone to Company Weapons, he will be missed. 3rd Squad forever. On the bright side we can welcome Lyter! Make him feel welcome.
  14. Current Modpack

    Someone really needs to post the rest of the mods in here...
  15. Stars & Stripes News Team

    Alright lads, I'm looking for a team to produce a monthly edition of Stars & Stripes (the US Military Newspaper), focused on Charlie Company and our exploits in South Vietnam. As acting Editor here at the beginning, I am looking for people willing to be one of the following: Artist 2 Writers 2 Photographers 2 Field Reporters If we can get this team together, we each will only have to put in a little work each month; not too much to ask I think, and the end product will be a really nice edition to the unit and community - there is already a nice little section down there on the forum for it. The monthly edition will feature written articles, photographs, audio & video interviews with members of the unit, and even combat footage. So if anyone is interested please post a response stating what position you're interested in taking, and be available in the near future for a meeting. If I'm lucky and there's a lot of people wanting the same position you can expect there to be a small competition to see who earns the spot. If you're not interested, be aware that this is going to be a part of the unit and we'll need you to support it by: Doing cool things for us to report on. Looking cool for photographs & films. Being willing to do interviews. Thank you for your attention. Stars & Stripes; we'll make you famous! - Sergeant J. Powell, Editor