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  1. 173rd Airborne Brigade Server

    As most of you will have noticed by now, a new bootcamp mission for wake island has been added to the server. It has just been created during the last week by Queen and me, so keep in mind, that it is still in development. I noticed a few things during training on saturday and fixed/changed the following since then: Firing ranges are now working properly 200m range got a podium to make targets visible TFAR has been set up for "Main Room" MCC access has been limited Medical got a new classroom Medics now spawn in the medical area (please let me know if you don't like this) Limited Arsenals have been removed because of conflicts with the new berets a few other minor adjustments You will need the newest mappack and modpack to play on the server, get it here !!!Please let me know if you notice any problems with this mission, want something changed or if you have a request for something to be added to the area of your expertise!!! To get a nice insurgency mission running on the server during the weeks, ALiVE will be added to the modlist soon and there will also be a patch added to the modpack to get the UNSUNG groups working with ALiVE. This patch will also give ZEUS some groups to place, but since I'll have to create a new faction by hand for this, it will be quite limited and only contain some basic guerilla groups. Probably some 246th NVA stuff too!? If there's anything else that should be added in the first patch, please post it here. thanks
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  15. 173rd Airborne Brigade Server

    The mission on the server has been updated: Changelog: MCC access now should only be available for Officers and Squad Leaders The arsenals are now bullet proof Adjustments for placed objects A limited arsenal has been added at spawn for testing Please check the limited arsenal (the small one at spawn) and tell me if there is important stuff missing or things need to be removed