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Infantry Combat Element
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  1. Fun day - 2nd squad w/Rabey

    Thanks to the following combat vets in todays op Sander, Lyter, 2LT King, Koch, Stark, Linross, Cully, Cherokee, if I missed anyone, my apologies
  2. 173rd Theme song

    Rawhide ! Reunion 2015 San Diego 173rd Airborne 1965 ~ 2015 - YouTube
  3. 173rd Theme song

    bad link on video
  4. 173rd Theme song

  5. 173rd Theme song

    In 1965 a LTC Borland commanded the 1st Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry and he was walking down the street and heard the theme for a tv show called "Rawhide". He thought that it would be a good song to boost morale during training, so one day during a parade of the troops he played that song as the troops marched by. It caught on and the 173rd troopers started using "The Herd" as a nickname. watch[1]
  6. Roll Call 2 Dec 2017 Platoon HQ

    Posted 2 hours ago Name and rank: SPC/4 W. Rabey Attending: No (family emergency)
  7. Stars & Stripes News Team

    One lucky soldier On Saturday the 4th day of November 1967, I survived what I deem to be the closest I come to being at the very least severely wounded or potentially going home in a body bag. In conjunction with Operation Whiplash IV, my squad (3rd squad) of the 1st platoon, Charlie company of the 173rd Airborne Brigade was ordered to sweep and clear the ruins of what appeared to be a old fort. We spotted a potential booby trap right away in the entrance way leading into the fort which was promptly disabled. The whole squad then spread out to locate any other potential devices left there for us by the little people to trip. During the process several troopers where wounded when at least 2 explosions went off and they were quickly treated by our excellent medic, PV2 Doc. In the process of my searching for booby traps, and I was seriously looking for them, I tripped a pair of explosives literally at my feet which resulted in a very large explosion. In probably 99% of the cases they most likely would only found pieces of me splattered against the walls or hanging in a tree but by a absolute miracle, after the smoke cleared and to my surprise, I wasn't even slightly wounded. Our medic came running up only to find he wasn't needed so he turned his attention to apparently his 2nd speciality, finding trip wires and booby traps, which he promptly identified one close by and we were able to avoid any more casualties. I think 3rd squad can thank our medic for taking care of us that day.
  8. Roll Call 4 Nov 2017

    Posted 2 hours ago Name and rank: PFC W.Rabey Squad position: rifleman Attending: yes
  9. Screenshot Thread

    Good pics Black, keep it up
  10. Roll Call 28th Oct

    Name and rank: PFC W. Rabey Squad Assignment: 3rd Squad. Attending: Yes.
  11. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    Thou we walk thru the valley of death we fear no evil for we are the meanest mofo's around Lead us, follow us or get out our way Make war not peace Throw us to the wolves and we'll come back leading the pack I am a soldier, I fight where I'm told and I win where I fight
  12. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    Use the force
  13. Radio Telephone Operator; Training

    Name: W. Rabey Rank: PFC Attending: yes
  14. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    3rd Squad..bring me some heads 3rd Squad..let the bodies hit the floor 3rd squad, let them fear the terrible swift sword 3rd squad..we let the dogs out whoop whoop 3rd squad..lets go fuck up them dudes up in there 3rd squad..them little people just called your momma a ho chi minh..what are you going to do about it (my personal favorite)
  15. 3rd Squad with Staff Sergeant Powell

    We are 3rd squad, search and destroy specialists